On my own By Isabelle

On my own,

Rejected and Betrayed,

By all those who were my friends,

Heartsick and Down in the dumps ,

I’m all on my own ,

Sad and Alone,

On my own,

It’s really not a nice place to be,

Like being in a dark room alone…

The A-Z fruit and veg challange

Can you do my challenge of naming fruits and vegatables?

A: Apple,Asparagus

B: Banana, Broccoli

C: Carrot, Cherry

D: Date,

E:Elderberry, Endive


G:Grapes, Green Beans

H:Horicon Bean, Honeydew Melon

I:Iceburge Lettuce

J:Jerusalem artichoke



















Elizabeth the super hero cat biography

Elizabeth paw was born 28 of October 2004,Royal bearkshire hospital in England.

Her parents names are Katie and Tommy Paw , they both work as cat enginers .

She attended cat tox primery school, she started at the age of 4.

Elizabeth has 2 brothers and one sister.

When Elizabeth was 8 she went cat tusion.

Her earliest memorie was when she went in the boys toilet by mistake .


Elizabeth went to park low academy as her secondery school and she started when she was 11.

Her faivrout subject was sience and history .

Elizabeths faivrout teacher was miss meaow and she was a history teacher.


Elizabeth went to light university and studied to be a super hero cat. She started when she was 16 and then studied for 6 years .

Elizabeth shared a room whith a cat called lilly.


Elizabeth defited the cat war in 20014.

One of her memories was when she burnt her first ever meal that she made.

Due to all her training she became a proper super hero cat in 2015.

She became very very populour .

Perseus and Medusa.

In ancient Greece there was a cruel king called Polyodects,who wanted to a girl called Danae. She had a brave son called Perseus, who was not fond of the king. The king sent Perseus on a dangerous mission hoping he would not return.

Perseus’ task was to go and kill the Gorgon Medusa and return with her head. Medusa was a pretty girl many years ago, she even thought she was even prettier that any goddess on the land so the gods heard this and as a punishment they made her have green snakes for hair but worst of all anybody she laid eyes upon would turn to stone.

Knowing that his task was impossible he visited the temple of Athena to pray for help. The gods heard this an d granted him five gifts . These included a helmet of invisibility, a shiny shield, a magic pouch and the final gift was a pair of winged sandals to give him the ability to fly.

So taking these gifts he put on the sandals and then flew to the cave where the gorgon lived and anxiously strolled through the entrance. But that was when he began to panic how could he defeat the gorgon that he cant look at. As he saw the gorgon out of the corned of his eye he remembered the gifts from the gods. As the beast heard him going in his bag she turned to him and just in time he got out the shield and held it up towards her and just in time she glared at him. Her reflection rebounded of off the shield and turned herself to stone. With one strike he took her head of she rushed towards the head. He picked it up and rushed back to the king. He just walked in to the kings palace he heard the king saying “I hope that he does not return so that I can marry his beautiful mother”
“Your heiness I have the head as you commanded” he happily said.
The king was shocked at his return and as a result of this he let Deana free and his whole land was free from slavery.

By Abbie Year 5

Sea Lion- a poem to you.

Oh sea Ilion,

You are as streamlined as a torpedo, sun reflects of your shin

And as clever as a Scientist,

I love the way you shiny fur,

A fish chasing warrior- with  dagger like  teeth.

Sea Lion you are my FAVIROUTE ( ! ),

How I love you so and my trip to the ZOO,

Would not be the same with out you,

Oh Sea Lion,

Nothing can compare ,

To your skill in the water,

Not even a Shark,

You are a polished jewel,

The Dimand  in the  rocks,

A prize many want,

But ,Oh Sea Lion,

You are …





Girl1.I don’t understand, what have I done?
Why all this girl strife, what have I done?
I want to resolve it, what have I done?
Oh, please tell me, what have  I done?

Girl2.You know perfectly well what you’ve done,
You called me a pig and a cow,
I’ll hate you forever,
You know perfectly what you’ve done.k

Girl1.Oh, you liar,
Your tongue will turn black,
I can’t believe I wanted to be your friend,
Oh, you liar.

Girl2.I’ll forgive you if like,
Forgive you if you like,
Forget the names you called me,
I’ll forgive you if you like.

Girl1.I don’t care what you say,
I’ll hate you forever,
I DON’T forget, nor forgive,
I don’t care what you say.

Girl2.Oh, lets fo

Murderer Part two by Sara

This was our chance. But could I take it? We might fall out of the chariot  really hard and die! Or we could be abandoned, in the middle of London! Well never mind about all of that! We are here! There stood a deep dark building. Right in the middle of the seaside.Matron led us all out of the carriage, and into the building. This is our reserve building. If any thing happens we come here. So we will be staying here, until the case of the murdering are solved and it’s ok to go back. If it’s ok to go back.” said Matron with a disappointed face. ”Also you will be looked after by the government… forever.As its the law if anything happens like a major  break in , or murder more than two times the leader of the hospital will be banned from the hospital.”The carriage took her away , her horrid face never to be seen again. For the first time in years, smiles appeared on our faces. That horrible Matron was gone, and best part was…she was gone forever. The government started by giving us brand new clothes. The girls got pink satin dresses with lilac ribbons and white cotton tights, and the for the boys little blue sailor suits . They were really pretty. We were all thrilled with our new clothes.Later that day in the evening, we were all in our soft yellow nightgowns the voice came. All the girls were sleeping. Except for me. The voice that said I killed cook was back. ”You killed cook, the Janitor and  your tutor.”I was too shocked to say a word, my mouth was dry. But the voice went away. Every night after that he would come. We had sweet porridge now and lovely dinners, but then whilst I was sleeping in my wonderful bed. It came. One day he came with a knife.

There was a shadow. It was a man…who had a knife. It was smeared with blood ,I froze .Memories flashed through my mind. Of dead cook, of men with poles and hats and suddenly I pictured me dead. The man came and I pretended to be asleep. There was a small deadly scream. I had to protect my sister because he was killing. As sly as a fox ,I scooped up my sister. I ran out of the room with her in my arms , my heart thudding. More screams came as each girl was killed. I shuddered at the thought of each poor girl. I didn’t know my way around this new place. But there was a ladder. I had no idea what was up there but it was my chance. So up I went. Hetty woke up. Before she could scream I covered her mouth. She wiggled but I held her still. It was a attic, with lots of pillows and toys. I slowly lowered her down onto the cushions. I told her to be quiet. She fell asleep. ”Where on earth are you?” It said I stayed still. Not breathing a single word. Hours went by and It eventually fell asleep. I took a risk and took a peep. He was sleeping.   I began to search in  the attic. I spotted a bottle labelled: TOXIC POISON. Perfect. I


Party Time-Part Two

Eventually we reached Frodo’s hobbit hole. Gimbley  knocked on the door. A  small(understatement of the century), beaming man opened the door.

” You must be Tamsin! Do come in.” he  said.

Delighted, I stepped inside. It  was amazing! There was a long tunnel leading to an elaborately  furnished sitting room. I  was surrounded  by comfy sofas and armchairs  filled with plumped-up cushions. There was a smallish  coffee table in the centre of the room. Sitting on the chairs were three hobbits, a man, and an elf. The hobbits were introduced as Merry, Pippin and Sam. Frodo  called the man over and he was known as  Arragorn.  Jumping up the elf laughed…

“I am  Legolas. You must Tamsin. Let us be Merry!”

Merry scowled at the pun and returned  the comment with…

“Shut up, Leg-at-last.”

“Friends, let us not argue. Now bring in the cakes!” Frodo laughed.

I noticed it was cakes, not cake. Yippee!
As we sat down to eat, Frodo said seriously…
“I know you know that the Ring was destroyed, and the Dark Lord defeated, however there still is a matter concerning hobbits, elves, and dwarfs. Oh, also the rangers. Middle earth no longer what it used to be. My race is dying out. We need to be remembered, and most importantly, the Ring must be remembered, so that no man, elf, hobbit, or dwarf should ever try to make it again. Am I understood?Boromiar himself was over taken by the power of the ring, though not completely.”
“But you never told us that! Arragorn, did you know?”Legolas said, jumping up.
“Yes I did. Boromeir’s last words were something like…I scared Frodo by trying to take the ring from him.” sighed Arragorn.
“Do you see the danger friends? For young fools will go looking for the ring, and although the Necromancer is dead, still black things lie in Mordor.” reasoned Frodo.
Then he turned to me.
“You must tell the world how dangerous the ring is, Tamsin. Get J.R.R.Tolkien to help you. Now for food! I have been so busy talking, I have forgotten to eat!”

say no to bullying

Say no to bullying, 

a child can feel sad from just a word

to stupid and silly or just plan rude.

 Nobody should ever experience bullying ,

that’s why we say no

say no to bullying

nobody like bullying apart from the cruel

so let’s not let anybody bullying you or anyone else

so lift your hand with me and say …

No to bullying !

My scary story by Abbie

It was coming up the stairs as I hid under the bed. The noise was getting louder and louder and louder and louder until my bedroom door suddenly open. Its big black hair made my hair stand on its end and my stomach twisted. At this time I was really scared. But as it walked around my bed while it wasn’t looking I ran into my mum and dads room and they kept me safe. My mum stayed in with me whilst my dad went to see it but when he got there it was asleep in my bed.